Creating value through CSR

GLOBAL CSR is a consultancy specialised in creating sustainable solutions for private companies, public authorities and organisations.

GLOBAL CSR is a ’one-stop shop’ when it comes to corporate social responsibility. In other words, we are capable of providing services that will match all types of CSR challenges your company may face in relation to social, environmental and economic sustainability as well as identifying CSR opportunities that can create value for your company.

Efforts on CSR consist of different elements with varying levels of relevance for each company. Regardless of how far you and your company have reached in the process and where you would like to be, we can assist you in reaching the next level. By having your level of ambition as our point of departure, we offer advice and concrete tools to make your efforts on CSR simple, focused and valuable.

See a range of our services in the menu to your left or get in touch with us at +45 4499 5506.


NEW: Take the GLOBAL CSR Self Check to test how socially responsible your company is.




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eLearning and CSR

Whether you need to roll out your CSR strategy or train your employees in specific CSR issues customised to meet specific needs, learnCSRTM is a smart, fast and effective way to do it. learnCSRTM combines state of the art eLearning with extensive knowledge on Corporate Social Responsibility. Try out the two free learnCSRTM modules on the Global Compact. Try learnCSRTM eLearning now!

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